The reading list

So, here is the list, the set list as they say. It’s set in the approximate order, in which I will read them.

The Song of Roland

Yvain or the Knight of the Lion – Chretien de Troyes

The Name of the Rose – Jean de Muen and Guillaume de Loren

Flamenca – author not certain

Gottfried Von Strassburgs version of Tristan und Isolde

Gawain and the Green Knight

The Knights Tale from The Canterbury Tales – Chaucer


The theme as you may have guessed is Medieval Literature with a focus on Romances.

There are many different versions of the above texts, with a variety of translators. Some of the texts retain the old languages – Middle English, or French or Old Provencal.  There is much to be considered.

And I added the Lais by Marie de France, I’m not sure if they were on the original course list but it’s on my new list – l feel the need for a female amongst all these medieval men.






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